Sweet CBD Gummies by Sisters CBD
Sweet CBD Gummies | Sisters CBD
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Sweet CBD Gummies | Sisters CBD



CBD: 300mg

Delicious sweet gummies infused with generous doses of CBD. Slow-release delivery through the digestive tract ensures you experience effects in a gradual way over a longer period of time. Superb quality, organic CBD sourced from Canada’s West Coast ensures you’re getting nothing but the best. Discreet, delicious, easy.

Slow, gradual release of CBD into the system
Promotes calm and relaxation
Increases focus, wakefulness and sleep quality.

1 gummy in the morning & 1 gummy in the evening

20mg of CBD per piece | 15 pieces per bag

**For those living in hotter parts of the country, this product may melt during shipping. No refunds given for melted product**


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