Boost Edibles

We are a team of dedicated cannabis enthusiasts who believe in the power and potential of cannabinoids.

Long before the Boost brand was a twinkle in our eye, we were obsessed with edibles. But, what we founders recognized was that the market lacked high quality products that were lab tested, with consistent dosage that also taste great. That’s why we created Boost! We have combined our love for quality, hand-crafted candy and married that love to our passion for all things cannabis.

Our policy is to use only the best ingredients, and to hire only the best people too. The people that work with us have been chosen because, beyond all else, they are kind and compassionate. Our goal was to create a family-like atmosphere so we can work together daily to produce edibles of the highest quality and reliability. After all, we’re not just making edibles, we consume them too! That’s why we are so dedicated to creating the best. It is this philosophy, along with our dedication to our ever-growing customer base, that has made Boost what it is today.