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analogizes the question of safety with CBD and prescription medications with visuals of doctors hands writing prescription and medication bottles on desk

CBD and Prescription Drugs, Can They Be Used Together?

Although CBD is making itself known as a safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for helping with a number of ailments, it is also true that patients on prescription drugs need to take some precautions and be well-informed before trying CBD. CBD can be a great help to get relief from pain, to handle anxiety, toRead More

visualizes effects of neuropathic pain in hands

CBD for Neuropathic Pain, Does It Work?

CBD is a powerful neuroprotectant and anti-inflammatory. But can CBD help for neuropathic pain? To live with nerve pain, also called neuropathic pain or neuralgia, can be to live in your own personal hell. This particular pain affects the body’s nervous system, causing sharp stinging pain that shoots through the body or certain areas ofRead More

visualizes arrangement of ingredients for cbd smoothie recipe

Easy Recipes: 3 CBD Superfood Smoothies

What’s not to love about breakfast smoothies? They’re packed with nutrients, taste great, and are less taxing on the body to digest than a typical meal—and the extra energy goes to you! Smoothies are a super-healthy way to start the day! But your typical breakfast smoothie can be even better… Just add CBD’s homeostasis-promoting, anti-inflammatory,Read More

analogizes CBN's derivation from cannabis with cannabis leaves and CBN

What is CBN? An introduction to Cannabinol

CBN, one cannabinoid among many Cannabinol, CBN, is another cannabinoid produced by cannabis plants getting attention lately thanks to its therapeutic potential. The cannabinoids most people know about are THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). But, cannabis and hemp plants produce more than 100 other kinds of “minor” cannabinoids, like CBN. That’s not all. Cannabis plantsRead More

visualizes cannabis origin of CBG with cannabis flower and bottle of cannabis oil

What is CBG? How Does it Compare to CBD and THC?

CBG. Sometimes referred to as the “new cannabinoid on the block,” or the “mother of all cannabinoids,” CBG is yet another compound extracted from cannabis plants with serious medicinal potential. Like THC and CBD, CBG is a phytocannabinoid—meaning a cannabinoid produced by a plant. Like CBD and THC, CBG mimics our bodies’ own endocannabinoids—cannabinoids producedRead More

image of cbd chocolate chip cookies on rack

CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies Mini-Batch Recipe

CBD has proven popular for managing anxiety, which is why recipes featuring CBD infusions are becoming so popular. Just add CBD oil for an extra anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory kick! There are some days when these CBD-infused chocolate chip cookies might work a treat. On busy Mondays, days where you know you’ll get those pre-presentation jitters,Read More

cbd eggnog recipe, image of prepared drink

Try This Festive Vegan CBD Eggnog Recipe!

Looking to spice up your self-care routine over the holidays? Here’s an idea! CBD Eggnog! Put your feet up by the fireplace and enjoy a cup of this before bed for deep sleep and festive dreams! There are actually quite a few ways to spice your eggnog up with cannabis medicine. For those interested inRead More

visualizes bliss, photo of hands in heart shape framing ocean sunset

CBD and the “Bliss Molecule” – What’s the Connection?

Studies have shown that CBD may play a helpful role in treating a number of mental health conditions. But how does that happen? The way CBD achieves these helpful effects has to do with the so-called “bliss molecule.” Named after the Sanskrit word for bliss, “ananda,” anandamide shares a very special quality with CBD: theyRead More

visualizes CBD vs COVID effectiveness

CBD For COVID-19: Can It Help?

What role does CBD play during COVID-19, if any? Evidence is growing CBD may help counter some of the worst symptoms of COVID-19 With the outline of a second wave of COVID-19 begins to take shape, a growing number of news outlets and websites, including, are highlighting CBD‘s potential for treating symptoms of COVID-19.Read More

illustrate use of cbd cream in Canada

Looking for CBD Cream, Canada? Here Are The Best!

CBD cream in Canada, it’s getting more popular by the day! From athletes, to spas, to beauticians, to people trying to get better sleep, reduce arthritis pain or fight inflammation in muscles, CBD creams are being used for a dizzying number of purposes. CBD (cannabidiol) now comes in facial oils, body lotions, pain sticks, lipRead More

visualize warsaw zoo cbd oil experiment elephants

Amazing! Zoo Giving Depressed Elephants CBD Oil To Lift Moods

For the uninitiated: all animals—including human beings—have endocannabinoid systems (ECS). Cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with the ECS through various receptors found throughout the brain and body. This interaction is possible due to the fact that CBD is a phytocannabinoid—a cannabinoid of plant origin, which is highly similar to cannabinoids produced by our own bodies called endocannabinoids.Read More

cbd as preventative medicine article top image, a closeup photo of various dark berries

Is CBD a preventative medicine? What does the science say?

There’s evidence it may help prevent disease and maintain health. Here’s how. The idea of using CBD as preventative medicine is bourn out by many studies covering a host of various conditions. In this article we examine some of the evidence laid out in the book CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis by Leonard Leinow & JulianaRead More

visualize feeling of quit smoking with cbd vape

How Can A CBD Vape Help Me Quit Smoking?

Cigarette addiction is one of the toughest addictions to kick. It’s even jokingly compared to trying to quit heroine! Many try, succeed for a few months, then simply relapse back into their smoking routine. Studies show that many smokers make repeated unsuccessful attempts to quit. Other research is even more grim, showing some smokers needRead More

visualize essential ingredients for how to make cbd oil

How To Make CBD Oil? Easy! Here’s How To Make It At Home!

Never has it been easier to make your own CBD oil from home in Canada. With the legalization of marijuana, buying high-CBD cannabis flower or CBD-rich hemp flower can be done legally and conveniently from home or with a trip to the dispensary. Though there are plenty of high quality oils out there (check outRead More

what is cbd?

What Is CBD? The Comprehensive Guide!

What is CBD? You’ve heard about it!—People are using it to manage stress, pain, anxiety and using it to fight symptoms of arthritis, epileptic seizures, cancer, coronavirus, PMS cramps and more. But where does it come from? Is it safe? Is it legal? In this article we’ll take a comprehensive look at CBD to explainRead More

visualize CBD expert Dr Julie Moltke

6 Questions About CBD With Dr. Julie Moltke

Dr Julie Moltke is a medical doctor with a focus on mental health, stress management, sleep, and the medicinal cannabis industry. Dr. Julie Moltke believes CBD can be helpful in treating numerous conditions and in personalized medicine and seeing every client as an individual with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Dr Julie isRead More

visualizes topic "cbd vs thc" for reader

CBD vs. THC, What are the Differences, Benefits and Effects?

Since the legalization of cannabis in 2018, the question of CBD vs THC has become a hot topic. Though the science is young and more research is needed to fully understand how CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) function to deliver their medical benefits, there’s no question anymore that both CBD and THC can beRead More

visualize scam celebrity endorsement warning to buyers of cbd oil in canada

Buying CBD Oil in Canada: 5 Scams to Watch Out For

CBD is rapidly getting popular, so it’s no surprise to see Canada’s entrepreneurs starting companies up to grab a piece of the proverbial CBD pie. However with so many companies popping up and offering products, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s what. Which claims are true? Who’s product is safe and reliable? Though the majorityRead More

visualize medical cannabis advisor for spectrum

CBD Oil Side Effects – Risks You Should Be Aware Of

Though considered generally safe, everyone new to CBD oil in Canada should always exercise basic precautions and try to find out as much about the risks of CBD oil side effects as possible. Though CBD itself is safe, it can be adulterated with a host of chemicals and pollutants on its way to the shelves.Read More

Which CBD Topical Is Right For Me?

Which CBD Topical Is Right For Me?

As the popularity of CBD explodes and news of its many benefits spreads, one of the most rapidly growing categories of CBD products is CBD topicals. This category includes a bewildering amount of new products including CBD creams, lotions, ointments and balms meant to do everything from reduce muscle and joint pain, to taming inflammationRead More

CBD Oil For dogs

CBD For Dogs: The Complete Guide

CBD for dogs? If your ears just perked up, don’t be surprised. Dog lovers giving their puppies CBD is quickly becoming very popular. This phenomenon can be explained, in part, by the fact that something close to 74% of CBD users have pets. But is it safe? Does it work? In this article, we answerRead More

educational: visualizes cbd gummies

CBD Gummies Canada Purchasing Guide: All You Need To Know!

Are CBD gummies Canada’s new favorite way to ingest CBD? They’re easily one of the most enjoyable ways to get CBD in your system—especially if smoking or drops under your tongue isn’t your style. CBD gummies have exploded in popularity, with a commensurate bloom in the variety of brands and products available in the market.Read More

Treat with Dogs

The Most Dangerous Dog Treats vs. The Best – A Handy Guide

Canadians love their dogs, and dogs love their treats! But among the massive selection of chew toys treats out there, there are a few that could prove quite harmful to your dog (not to mention your wallet once the veterinarian gets involved!}. In this article we go over a list of dog treats and toysRead More

Full Spectrum CBD vs Broad Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD vs Broad Spectrum vs CBD Isolate, What’s the Difference?

One of the most frequent questions we get is “What’s the difference between Full Spectrum CBD vs Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD isolate?” The difference is important, especially if having THC in your system is a problem for you. If you’re unsure which is best for you, this article should come in handy. We’ll coverRead More

CBD products

What’s The Best CBD Product For My Condition?

CBD is just getting more and more popular.  People are using it for everything from reducing anxiety, to mitigating arthritis pain, to improving sleep, to treating skin issues and more. However, for first-time users looking for the best CBD product for their condition, the amount of selection and variety can be somewhat daunting. Interest inRead More

CBD for Athlete

CBD For Sports. Is CBD Good For Athletes?

Many look at CBD’s skyrocketing popularity and think “here’s the next silly health fad.” Anyone remember The Pineapple Diet? Yet, the ranks of celebrity athletes praising CBD for sports seemingly grows daily. Despite all the endorsements, claims of CBD’s miraculous cure-all properties should be taken with a grain of salt. The truth is, CBD isn’tRead More

cbd for women wellness

CBD for Women’s Health. Facts, Anecdotal Evidence, Guidelines

CBD for women’s health? According to a survey of 1281 women by BDS Analytics, menstruation, menopause, and sex are listed as the top 3 reasons females choose cannabis for self-care. In this article we’ll look at the CBD’s therapeutic value for reproductive health, the science and studies behind the claims, a few testimonials and lookRead More

CBD for skin care

CBD for Skin and Beauty: Everything There is to Know!

With luxury CBD-infused topical creams, sprays, balms, bath salts and more being reviewed by Vogue, Surface and other popular media outlets, it’s fair to say that the skin care industry has embraced the CBD craze with open arms. But can CBD really help your skin? In this article we’ll look at what doctors and researchersRead More

CBD for puppy

CBD for Pets: The Do’s, Don’ts, Studies and Science

CBD for pets in Canada is no longer a taboo topic. In fact, there’s been a tremendous up-swell in interest in this topic. In this article, we look at what the science and studies are telling us so far; a few do’s and don’ts; methods of calculating dosage and general guidelines for administering CBD toRead More

CBD for Sleep, Insomnia

The Ultimate Info Guide to CBD for Sleep and Insomnia

In this article we’ll look at the effectiveness of CBD for insomnia and sleep. We’ll look at studies, the science and testimony to understand how and why it works and how best to use CBD oil in Canada and elsewhere it is available. Full Disclosure: Linked products in this article point to items for saleRead More

shows how you'll feel if youa use CBD oil in Canad

The How and the Why: Everything About CBD Oil for Anxiety

A growing body of clinical research shows that using CBD oil for anxiety may be as effective as prescriptions drugs. In this article we’ll look at how patients trying CBD for anxiety perceive its effectiveness, we’ll examine the science and studies behind it and talk about the different ways to use CBD oil for anxiety.Read More

describes one of the typical cases where CBD for arthritis is prescribed, for the benefit of people who want CBD oil Canada

CBD Oil for Pain: What Science is Telling Us

Is it true we can use CBD for chronic pain and inflammation? It’s certainly something millions have already turned to. But what does the science say? In this article, we’ll delve into the science of how CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system to achieve the intended effects.  We’ll reference studies to better understand itsRead More

emphasizes the medical nature of CBD

CBD Oil Dosage, What’s the Right Dose For Me?

Canadians can find plenty of information about CBD’s health benefits, but information about proper CBD oil dosage is a bit harder to come by. That’s simply because we haven’t done enough research on CBD to fully understand what optimal doses are. When thinking about CBD dosage, there are a few factors to consider. The dosageRead More

10 benefits of CBD oil in Canada

10 Amazing benefits of CBD oil in Canada

There’s starting to be a lot of excitement about CBD Oil in Canada. News of it’s numerous applications and benefits are spreading fast. From relieving chronic pain and social anxiety, to fighting cancer, to preventing epileptic seizures, to aiding sleep, to increasing alertness, to fighting Alzheimer’s, the mind-boggling number of CBD oil benefits people areRead More

cbd oil near me cover photo

CBD Oil Near Me? What’s My Best Option?

Can I find quality CBD oil near me? With online dispensaries offering reliable CBD products from some of the most respected brands in Canada, it’s never been easier! CBD is emerging as a wonderful natural medicine that helps with a whole host of ailments. Millions around the globe are turning to CBD to improve theirRead More

visualize product of CBD-infused brownies recipe

CBD Infused Brownie Recipe

Ah yes! Brownies! The Quintessential cannabis-infused dessert square should not be overlooked! Though usually infused with THC, a CBD-infused brownie can be even more enjoyable—especially when you’re not looking to get high, just healthy! Brownies make a nice treat for winding down and relaxing with a good book or movie, and will release just aRead More

visualize product of CBD infused peppermint bark recipe

Zesty CBD Chocolate Peppermint Bark Recipe

Though more of a Christmas holiday treat, peppermint and chocolate are both phenomenal aphrodesiacs and can spice things up in other ways. This healthy-ish version of CBD infused Peppermint Bark can be served at sophisticated soirees, upscale social events or private parties. They’re sure to get the conversation going 🙂 This recipe was modified fromRead More

informational: CBD-infused pesto recipe title

Healing CBD-Infused Pesto Recipe

Who said your CBD routine had to be boring? CBD oil can be blended into any number of foods and make eating even more enjoyable! Not only is it tasty, it’s medicinal too ! CBD-infused pesto can be a fantastic way to get some CBD into your food, it’s a versatile sauce that can beRead More

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