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CBD and Alcohol

CBD And Alcohol: Setting the Record Straight

Today we’re diving into the buzzing topic of CBD and alcohol. You’ve likely heard a mix of myths and warnings about combining these two, and it’s time we set the record straight. With CBD popping up in everything from skincare to your morning latte, and alcohol being a social staple, it’s crucial to understand what you’re getting into when these two worlds collide.

Debunking The Myths of CBD and Alcohol

First off, let’s tackle some myths. One popular belief is that mixing both substances will amplify each other’s effects, leading you to an ultra-relaxed state. While it is common knowledge that CBD has some calming properties and alcohol is a depressant, research on their combined effects is still in its infancy. However, early studies suggest that CBD might actually counteract some of alcohol’s sedative effects, rather than intensifying them.

Another myth is that CBD can protect your brain from the negative impacts of alcohol. While CBD has shown some neuroprotective properties in animal studies, suggesting it could potentially guard against cell damage caused by alcohol, it’s a leap to assume it offers a free pass to drink excessively without consequences.

The Real Risks

Now, onto the risks. One of the most significant concerns with mixing CBD and alcohol is the compounded sedation effect. Both can make you feel more relaxed and drowsy, so when you combine them, there’s a higher chance you might feel extra sleepy or even dizzy. This can be particularly risky if you’re planning to drive or engage in activities that require sharp focus.

Another risk worth noting is the impact on your mood. Alcohol is notorious for lowering inhibitions and, in some cases, leading to mood swings or depressive episodes. CBD, while generally calming, can also have varying effects on mood. When mixed, they might lead to unpredictable emotional states, which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to keep your cool at a social gathering.

Liver health is another area of concern. Both CBD and alcohol are metabolized by the liver, and there’s some evidence that CBD might increase the level of blood alcohol when taken together. This could potentially put extra strain on your liver, especially with frequent consumption.

How to Enjoy CBD and Alcohol Safely

So, can you enjoy CBD and alcohol together safely? The key is moderation. If you’re curious about combining the two, start with low doses of both to see how you react. And always, always listen to your body. If you start feeling any discomfort, it’s time to call it a night.

The influence of CBD dosage on the side effects of combining it with alcohol cannot be overstated. Low doses of CBD, when mixed with alcohol, might not significantly impact your body. However, as you increase the CBD dosage, the potential for heightened sedation or dizziness also climbs. This correlation suggests that managing your intake carefully can mitigate some risks associated with mixing CBD and alcohol. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where you can enjoy the calming effects of CBD without exacerbating alcohol’s sedative properties. Always start low and go slow, allowing you to gauge how your body responds to the combination and adjust accordingly. Remember, more isn’t always better, especially when it comes to mixing substances.

Also, consider choosing one or the other for the evening. Maybe swap out your usual cocktail for a CBD-infused mocktail, or stick to a light drink and save your CBD dose for another time. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of both without the added risk.


Mixing CBD products with alcoholic beverages is a topic shrouded in myths and genuine risks. While the idea of doubling down on relaxation might sound appealing, it’s essential to approach this combo with caution. Remember, research on the effects of combining both substances is still developing, so what we know today might evolve. Always prioritize your health and safety, and when in doubt, consult with a healthcare professional.