Sisters CBD

Founded by two sisters who grew up in a non- conventional family, we learned at a young age to bake, sew and use our imaginations to their fullest extent, to help people, make them happy and to expand our own abilities.

Over the years, we’ve met a very large number of people with an equally large number of health issues. We lost a cousin at a young age from cancer, an uncle to ALS, and have witnessed a lot of suffering from multiple sclerosis, lupus, chronic pain & opioid addiction. These experiences, and our love of family, helped shape our determination to help those suffering from their health conditions.

So we put our creative skills to work, did months of research and development, and began creating a line of premium CBD products that is safe, reliable, effective, and yet doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Our goal is to help you help yourself with natural products and remedies that will help heal you, instead of just mask your symptoms – so you can start enjoying life again with a healthy body & a healthy mind.