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A 3-month supply at a 33% discount!

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3 + 1 bottles Ethical Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD Oil

3 bottles of the potency of your choice, plus a free bottle of Ethical Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg to tide you over when supplies get low. Buy a 3-month supply all at once and save yourself the hassle and shipping!

An excellent value at 33% off the regular price, plus a free bottle!

Ethical Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD Oil is made with organic hemp-derived Full Spectrum CBD distillate produced on Canada’s West Coast. Ethical Botanicals pride themselves on the clean extraction of their full spectrum distillate. This premium, lab-tested product is squeaky clean and endowed with a superior cannabinoid profile.

Full Spectrum differs from CBD Oil – Zero THC in that it contains approximately 0.3% THC as well as trace amounts of other beneficial compounds extracted from hemp including cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. The cannabinoid profile for this product includes CBD, THC, CBG, CBN and others.

Note: This product contains trace amounts of THC, roughly 0.3%. For stronger potencies like 2500mg or 5000mg, you may experience a light buzz.

Droppers come with volume indicators for easy dosage.

All Ethical Botanicals CBD products are proudly Canadian made.

For general dosage guidelines, please see our article on CBD oil dosage.

Read our article about the differences between Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Hemp CBD Oil no THC.



MCT Oil, Hemp-derived Full Spectrum CBD distillate.


CBD potency per volume:

250 mg Bottle – 8.3 mg of CBD per full dropper (1ml)

500 mg Bottle – 16.6 mg of CBD per full dropper (1ml)

1000 mg Bottle – 33.3 mg of CBD per full dropper (1ml)

2500 mg Bottle – 83.25 mg of CBD per full dropper (1ml)

5000 mg Bottle – 166.5 mg of CBD per full dropper (1ml)

Certificate of Analysis

COA :- Full Spectrum CBD Oil (250mg)
COA :- Full Spectrum CBD Oil (500mg)
COA :- Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1000mg)
COA :- Full Spectrum CBD Oil (2500mg)
COA :- Full Spectrum CBD Oil (5000mg)

Full Spectrum distillate cannabinoid profile

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3 reviews for 90-Day Supply Pack | Full Spectrum CBD Oil | Ethical Botanicals

    Helen Malloy
    May 29, 2023
    A physician asked if would consider CBD Oil to help me with my sleep problems. Within a month, after one dosage alteration. I am falling asleep quickly and falling back to sleep quickly when I do get up. The difference the oil has made seems almost magical after fighting years of poor sleep. The website information covered my questions and seems to offer a balanced approach to information. Delivery was timely, and to my mailbox. I look forward to future dealings with CBD Oil Direct.
    Tamara McDonald
    November 22, 2022
    I’m new to CBD and I started as soon as receiving my shipment. I have always had trouble sleeping and needed melatonin or something. I haven’t taken any sleep aids since starting CBD and I sleep great. I fall asleep quickly and if I get up in the night I can fall back asleep quickly then as well. I’m quite surprised and equally happy.
    September 15, 2021
    I just started using CBD oil a couple of months ago for insomnia related issues. I'm still trying to find the right dosage for me but I am really appreciative of CBD Oil Direct. They are a great company to work with; very trustworthy and efficient with excellent customer service. They are also quite discreet, if that is a concern. The prices are very competitive (I shopped around!) and I feel that the product is superior. I will continue working with this company for my needs. Thanks CBD Oil Direct!!!! Keep up the great work.

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