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CBD Oil For dogs

CBD For Dogs: The Complete Guide

CBD for dogs? If your ears just perked up, don’t be surprised. Dog lovers giving their puppies CBD is quickly becoming very popular. This phenomenon can be explained, in part, by the fact that something close to 74% of CBD users have pets. But is it safe? Does it work? In this article, we answerRead More

cbd for women wellness

CBD for Women’s Health. Facts, Anecdotal Evidence, Guidelines

CBD for women’s health? According to a survey of 1281 women by BDS Analytics, menstruation, menopause, and sex are listed as the top 3 reasons females choose cannabis for self-care. In this article we’ll look at the CBD’s therapeutic value for reproductive health, the science and studies behind the claims, a few testimonials and lookRead More

CBD for Sleep, Insomnia

The Ultimate Info Guide to CBD for Sleep and Insomnia

In this article we’ll look at the effectiveness of CBD for insomnia and sleep. We’ll look at studies, the science and testimony to understand how and why it works and how best to use CBD oil in Canada and elsewhere it is available. Full Disclosure: Linked products in this article point to items for saleRead More

shows how you'll feel if youa use CBD oil in Canad

The How and the Why: Everything About CBD Oil for Anxiety

A growing body of clinical research shows that using CBD oil for anxiety may be as effective as prescriptions drugs. In this article we’ll look at how patients trying CBD for anxiety perceive its effectiveness, we’ll examine the science and studies behind it and talk about the different ways to use CBD oil for anxiety.Read More

describes one of the typical cases where CBD for arthritis is prescribed, for the benefit of people who want CBD oil Canada

CBD Oil for Pain: What Science is Telling Us

Is it true we can use CBD for chronic pain and inflammation? It’s certainly something millions have already turned to. But what does the science say? In this article, we’ll delve into the science of how CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system to achieve the intended effects.  We’ll reference studies to better understand itsRead More

emphasizes the medical nature of CBD

CBD Oil Dosage, What’s the Right Dose For Me?

Canadians can find plenty of information about CBD’s health benefits, but information about proper CBD oil dosage is a bit harder to come by. That’s simply because we haven’t done enough research on CBD to fully understand what optimal doses are. When thinking about CBD dosage, there are a few factors to consider. The dosageRead More

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