Full Spectrum Rosin THC Brownies by Royalty Rosin
Full Spectrum THC Rosin Brownies | 300mg | Royalty Rosin

Full Spectrum THC Rosin Brownies | 300mg | Royalty Rosin


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300mg Full Spectrum Rosin THC
150mg THC per piece
2 pieces per pack


What happens when you wrap a deliciously moist rosin brownie centre in a gourmet rosin chocolate shell? An explosion for your taste buds, not to mention state of consciousness. If you like fine quality, decadence and the effects of THC, you will love Royalty Rosin Full Spectrum Rosin brownies.

Royalty’s Rosin is pressed with love, a clean, 100% solvent-free, full-spectrum cold press that extracts every bit of goodness cannabis flowers have to offer. Extracted from Charlotte’s Web and Death Bubba strains of cannabis, this extract includes rich CBD concentrations along with dozens of other beneficial cannabinoids. A gourmet product that kills discomfort like no other! Each brownie contains 150mg of full spectrum THC rosin, NOT FOR BEGINNERS.


1 square per dose.

1 dose THC brownies is effective for anywhere from 6-12hrs.

**For those living in hotter parts of the country, this product may melt during shipping. No refunds given for melted product**


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